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Peter Turner

Personal Blog
owner of, and, married father of 4, internet entrepreneur
Diana Rickett

Hi my name is Diana and I reside in Georgia but I was born a buckeye and raised in Alaska.

Still working to promote. It is a learning curve for most of us. I enjoy making new friends.

I post to 5 blogs for my friend in Oregon. It is hard to believe we know people without actually meeting them face to face.

It is a great experience when you are old enough to retire. It is also a great way to enjoy life after the girls are gone.

I now look after many animals most of them dropped off as I live on a dirt road. Monies raised help me keep them in food.
Eyad Salem

Personal Blog

Hey There

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To Your Success,
Eyad Salem

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Robert Pugliese Jr

Personal Blog
Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs,

My name is Robert, my sister Amanda and I are a Successful Affiliate Team at SFI Marketing Group.

I Love helping new and existing Entrepreneurs become Successful in Marketing either their current Business, IF you have one (, or I can assist you in starting one on our Team with SFI Marketing Group.

Feel free to message me and I will get you set up on your way towards success.

Have a great day!

Sincerely Yours,

Evija Gurtlava

Loving Jesus, my family and people. Since 2011 online. Full time mom at home&on the net. Singer, music writer, worship,helping hand to my boys at school works, gardening, freelancer etc. from everything a bit - matters of what's needed:)
Listen to my song''Open my eyes'':
Fiverr jobs I am doing:
(If you can help me out with my website updates, let me know. Contact trough OTRM support page) Thank You!:)
Charles Harris

I am an online marketer, husband, father and friend to many.
I help people build their business and I want to help you.
Bronzilla Sheppard

Personal Blog
Internet Marketer and Blogger.
jeffrey siewert

Hi I'm Jeff and i live in Las Vegas. I have been a
internet marketer for five plus years. It's been a struggle, but i keep on going. You have to be patient and work hard at the things you enjoy doing. Hobbies are the internet and raising lovebirds.

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